About Me

Educator / Instructional Designer / Filmmaker / Programmer / Beekeeper / Typewriter Enthusiast

Bruce Parsons works in education as the founder of The Holler, a place-based social learning network designed for connecting rural America through technology. The site, theholler.org, is funded by the US Department of Education, with an annual audience of over 100,000 users in Central Appalachia. Parsons also developed the first rural, scholarship supported, collegiate Esports team in America, working with tech and gaming companies like Asus, Steelseries, iBuypower, and DXRACER, and led a media campaign that included the Christian Science Monitor, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and the Associated Press. Parsons holds a doctorate in education and an MFA in filmmaking and his film work has been distributed by Top Shelf Productions, screened at the Museum of Modern Art, and played at film festivals across the world.